Michael Mulvey started Daily Exhaust in 2006 as a outlet for his thoughts on design, technology and everything else he finds interesting. It's an offshoot of The Combustion Chamber, the name of his one-man studio.

Michael Mulvey

Michael Mulvey, Lakeside Louge, 2011

Michael has been working in the field of interactive design for over 14 years. He's currently visual design director at RadiumOne. Over the years he's also taught courses on motion & interactive design at Rutgers University (Newark Campus, his alma mater) and The Fashion Institute of Technology.

On the 4th of January 2012 he successfully funded his Kickstarter project, Bicycles For Our Minds, a poster series illustrating Steve Jobs' belief in the computer's ability to amplify the power of our minds in the same way as a bicycle amplifies our power of locomotion.

You can find him on Behance, Pinterest and Instagram.

You can reach him at: michael [at] thecombustionchamber [dot] com

Bryan Larrick

Bryan is a photographer who shoots with all sorts of badass old film cameras.

He writes about politics, film and shitty movies at his own site, Missile Test. He's also great at finding the numerous typos and grammatical errors Michael has scattered about this site.

Jory Kruspe

Jory Kruspe is the co-founder of Analogue—a Canadian-based design studio. His interaction projects are award winning and internationally recognized. He is both designer and artist, contributing to such projects as Massive Change, an international art exhibition curated by Bruce Mau. His passion for design extends into many disciplines and he is never afraid to challenge the definition of design.

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