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How Much Does Apple Pay Jony Ive?

The salary of the man who has designed every Apple product from the iMac to the Apple Watch has never been disclosed to the SEC or the press. The last time he filed an SEC Form 4 — required whenever there’s a material change in an insider’s position — was July 2009. According to Apple, […]


Uber is going back to court next summer: Next summer, a federal court in California will hear arguments in a lawsuit that could change Uber forever. The lawsuit challenges the way Uber and other so-called transportation network companies classify their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. But if that case goes poorly for Uber, […]

Focusing Your Creative Energy

“‎The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”  — Bruce Lee Early in my career as a web designer I had trouble focusing. I started off projects strong, but I had trouble following through on them. Looking back at my various failed starts and poorly executed work, I think of Cyclops from the […]


Wow, Amazon sounds like a great place to work: Company veterans often say the genius of Amazon is the way it drives them to drive themselves. “If you’re a good Amazonian, you become an Amabot,” said one employee, using a term that means you have become at one with the system. And: Some veterans interviewed […]

“Writing is rarely considered a serious occupation. Why?”

Each camp has a point, and the existence of both indicates that there’s something deeper at work here, something intrinsic to the value of writing itself. The main reason writing gets contrasted with a “real job” is that writers do very often have outside sources of income, which is not unrelated to the ubiquity of […]

Design, Don’t Develop

Jesse Weaver says we don’t need more designers who can code: Saying designers should code creates a sense that we should all be pushing commits to production environments. Or that design teams and development teams are somehow destined to merge into one team of superhuman, full-stack internet monsters. Let’s get real here. Design and development […]

Robots Will Absolutely Drink All of Our Milkshakes

NYTimes: New Research Says Robots Are Unlikely to Eat Our Jobs: The McKinsey study analyzes and forecasts the potential impact of so-called digital talent platforms. The report looks at three types of such platforms: job-finding and employee-seeking websites (such as and LinkedIn); marketplaces for services (Uber and Upwork, for example); and data-driven talent discovery […]

Origin Stories

Illustrator Jon Contino was interviewed by The Great Discontent: I started freelancing immediately after college. When you leave school, you’re conceited. I saw other people who were making money and I thought, “I’m better than those guys and I’ll make twice as much as them.” I tried the freelance thing, but I couldn’t get it […]