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Home Field Advantage

ProPublica set out to see how Amazon’s software was shaping the marketplace: We looked at 250 frequently purchased products over several weeks to see which ones were selected for the most prominent placement on Amazon’s virtual shelves — the so-called “buy box” that pops up first as a suggested purchase. About three-quarters of the time, […]

“…if progress is ever to be made, some opportunities and discoveries will be inconceivable in advance”

My brother Mark wrote an essay on current uproar over ‘No Man’s Sky’. He, like many others, bought the game, but he’s not angry like them. He makes a distinction between buying something that is and investing in what something can become and draws a great comparison to one of his (and my) favorite scenes […]

Basic Economy

America’s airlines are introducing a class below economy: Airlines have long seen profitability in investing heavily in first- and business-class while degrading the flying experience in coach to cut costs. But why stop there? Coach, they have discovered, can itself be subdivided, and then subdivided again. First there was the creation of premium economy, which […]

The Post-Retail Landscape

Interesting holiday retail facts from L2 on Youtube: An unlikely winner? Malls – at least high-end ones, which are flourishing. The top-rated malls of 2015 all had upscale department stores, luxury brand stores and high-tech electronics stores. An Apple Store increased mall revenue per square foot by 13%. Think about that. Apple is going to […]


Kickstarter is ditching Amazon Payments and moving to Stripe: The move should help Kickstarter in a few ways. Its project creators should be able to get up and running more quickly — they previously had to set up a business account with Amazon, which could take up to seven days for approval, before launching a […]

iPhone 6 Observation

At the Apple Store and at the AT&T Store (to get a new sim) I heard five people ask if they could cancel their iPhone 6 Plus orders and change it to a 6 instead. “All day man,” the AT&T clerk mumbled. —Drew Breunig

I Am On Amazon, Therefore I Exist

To me, the Fire Phone reeks of experiment. I think Amazon’s testing something, and the experiment is important enough to spend a ton of money and create a lot of competitive hostility. After thinking about it a lot and trying to look at the world through Amazon’s eyes, I think I can guess why the […]

Six Months

Randy Murray believes in waiting six months before buying new technology. Good advice. I’ve been doing it since the first iPhone launched.

It’s Just Stuff

Great post by Kyle Baxter on how crucial iCloud and Siri are to Apple’s future and why you don’t need all the new shiny products: It sounds like I’m complaining that today’s event was a let-down, iOS 6 isn’t introducing much worth upgrading for, and the new MacBook Pro is a boring update. That’s not […]


Stand up and declare your independence from corporate chains, mass-produced products, and uninspired junk. #ShopIndie this holiday season to experience the satisfaction of owning a unique item, made with love and attention, direct from the artist themselves. via Big Cartel


The recently released biography of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs isn’t the only thing that’s selling well in recent weeks. Apparently shoppers are snatching up the tech icon’s favorite eyeglasses too. via