Oscar still has a point

So Khoi Vihn, over on his blog, Subtraction, has a post about design magazines and how he perceives – and inevitably handles them differently than the beat-up copy of the New Yorker in his bag.
With regard to publications such as Eye and Print:

It’s taken me years of subscribing to these magazines or buying them on newsstands to finally admit to myself that, more often than not, they sit on my desk upon arrival and don’t get read. Whether consciously or subconsciously, I consider them to be objects to be stored and protected from the ravages of reading.

This calls to mind one of my favorite quotes, from the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray:

We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he
does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless
thing is that one admires it intensely.
All art is quite useless.

My advice to Mr. Vihn is to do his best to get over his phobia of using magazines. I’m not saying he needs to go as far as to dog ear the pages, but use them, break them in like a good baseball mitt. Believe it or not, the books and magazines I’ve knocked around a bit tend gain more value to me than the museum pieces I haven’t touched for years.
I feel the same way about electronics. The more you try to keep them scratch-free and perfect, the more upset you’ll be when they get scratches, nicks and dings (I’ve written about this before).

Put them in their place?

Dell’s Zing hopes to rival Apple in ecosystem, launch two players early next year
From the article:

Dell’s hoping to partner up with Apple’s rivals to build a new ecosystem that will create better interoperation between PMPs, phones, cars, satellite radios and the multitude of online music stores out there. From the looks of things, that ecosystem is in good hands: with the acquisition of Zing’s Tim Bucher, formerly of Apple fame, and the 120 person team he’s built to help Dell put Apple in its place.

So, let me get this straight. Apple has created the most successful media management software (iTunes) and the highest selling media player (iPod) through a closed-source ecosystem where they tightly develop and integrate both these ends (software and hardware) – BUT somehow, Dell hopes to do this through partnering with a bunch of other “rivals” (oooooh) in hopes of creating a better alternative?
Listen, this isn’t like Voltron. Dell’s not going start connecting itself with other companies to form a MegaTechBot and wield its blazing sword of mediocrity at the evil Apple.
Based on my subway ride every morning, people seem to really, really, really like iPods. And iPhones. I think maybe they use Apple products because Apple focuses on making technology that people like to use. Crazy idea I know.
I also love the fact there are still some people DYING for Apple ‘challengers’. It’s not impossible people. Apple is not perfect by any means. If these companies start focusing on making great products and turn their attention off of Apple, they just might end up giving Apple a run for their money. Ah the beauty of paradoxes.

take pride in your work

I’ve completed the identity and printing for American Pride Landscaping.
A big thanks goes to Erik for being a great client (and now friend). I’m glad he let me have some fun with the back of the card.
The name of his business made a whole lot more sense when I discovered that he flies a C-5 Galaxy for the U.S. Military. You could say he’s just a little bit brave.

go cry about it

I was recently asked if The Combustion Chamber (and it’s offspring – Daily Exhaust), had plans on going green.
The answer?
For the record, The Combustion Chamber (TCC) will continue its proven, 4-stroke cycle to success.
This being said, TCC has and will continue to explore alternative fuels as a means of adapting to the changing landscape. TCC prides itself on it curious and exploratory nature and will adapt and modify it’s surrounding engine system, depending on the terrain, climate and a multitude of other external factors and environmental conditions.
Some of the greatest moments in technology and engineering history has been those times when old technologies are perfected, long after new technologies have replaced and antiquated them.
…we will aways be combusting.
…over and over and over again.
*on a related note, I think Analogue has similar audio and media sentimentals, but you’l have to ask them.

Blowing Doors

He will be in the middle of a maneuver …and have the whole thing collapsing on him …and somehow, in the center of that disaster, he will make something else out of it completely which becomes art.
– Skip Engblom talking about Jay Adams, Dogtown and Z-Boys

Jay Adams skateboarding

You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!

I don’t go to movies to see unbiased fact. I go for fantasy, humor and excitement. A 60 year old Rocky fighting a young champion? Sure, why not?
I think there’s other guys out there like me that are like Pavlov’s dog when it comes to Rocky – all you need to see are those training sequences and hear that theme song and you get PUMPED!
It’s not even a conscious decision I made.
Official Movie Site, and the trailer