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Gary Hustwit, the creator of the films Urbanized and Helvetica, is back with a new Kickstarter project, RAMS. RAMS, “…is the world’s first feature documentary on legendary designer Dieter Rams.” Sign me up.

Your Post as a Movie Poster

I’m a big fan of making up projects for yourself if you’re in need of portfolio pieces but have any work or clients (I don’t recommend you work for free, but creativity is a muscle that needs regular exercise). A great example is this subreddit: Your_Post_As_A_Movie via design you trust

Superman the Journalist

Interesting perspective on Superman by Khoi Vinh: For Superman, particularly, I often wonder why the franchise’s many different regimes of comic book writers and film producers have continually overlooked what to me seems like an obvious opportunity for interesting stories: the idea that, of all the professions he could have chosen, Clark Kent decided to […]

Obsessive Quentin

LOS ANGELES — When Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” is released in a special roadshow version (with overture, intermission and additional footage) on Dec. 25, it will represent a feat worthy of the heist in the director’s “Jackie Brown.” The film is scheduled to open on 96 screens in the United States and four in […]

Ello Asty

Looks like there’s a Beastie Boys easter egg in Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Beastie Boys as we knew them ceased to exist in 2012 after Adam Yauch’s death from cancer, but their memory’s being kept alive in an unexpected, intergalactic fashion. Jedi Insider obtained a new Hasbro Black Series figurine of an alien […]

October Horrorshow

For the seventh year in a row, my friend, editor, and DE contributor Bryan is doing his October Horrorshow, publishing one horror movie review each day, for the entire month. Here’s the full archive. You officially have no excuse for scary movie options. Update: I should give a few recommendations. For a newer movie, I […]

Never Say Never

Website vintage everyday reposted NME’s list of 14 Old School Sacred Movies That Should Never be Rebooted. Included in the list are some of my favorite movies: Goodfellas, The Godfather and Annie Hall. Saying you can never remake these is bullshit. It’s like saying you can never cover a song by Led Zeppelin or The […]