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Everything That Is Wrong With Brooklyn

Where To Get The Finest $18 Cup Of Coffee In Brooklyn: Lest you thought a $10 licorice latte was Peak Brooklyn, the world’s most influential borough will soon boast an $18 cup of coffee. This costly caffeinated drink comes courtesy of Alpha Dominche, a Utah-based manufacturer of high-end coffee and tea brewing machines. Last Friday, […]

Good Coffee

At The Awl, Matt Buchanan on The Cool Way to Brew Good Coffee: This exchange was a series of dog whistles between two obnoxious people: I wanted the coffee most appealing to a coffee jerk; the barista told me that this shop was aggressively Goodc. If you are not a beanboi, but are vaguely aware […]

A Howling of Kittens

From a 2008 post at The New Yorker: Some words for hangover, like ours, refer prosaically to the cause: the Egyptians say they are “still drunk,” the Japanese “two days drunk,” the Chinese “drunk overnight.” The Swedes get “smacked from behind.” But it is in languages that describe the effects rather than the cause that […]


No reason to stop posting great New York links. How about Anthony Bourdain with Talib Kweli in Brooklyn. Hell yeah. (thanks bro)

Just Eat

PSFK: Would You Check Your Smartphone At The Door For 5% Off Your Dinner Bill? Hell yeah I would. …but I’d also drop-kick the ma√Ætre d’ if they couldn’t find it when I was leaving.


Ingredients • 8 slices of ciabatta bread • 1 clove of garlic • extra virgin olive oil • 2 balls of buffalo mozzarella • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper • 1 red chilli, deseeded and finely sliced • a small handful of fresh basil leaves • zest of 1 lemon With everyone building […]

Brews & GIFs

From The New York Times Diner’s Journal (via PSFK): Sam Calagione, the founder and president of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, clearly enjoys adventurous brewing. But less exotic crafting has its appeal, too, as Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck’s “cinemagraphs” — photographs with movement on a loop — make clear. “My favorite days at Dogfish are […]


Cone-ing is the new Planking? Count me in.


Last month I came across a link for Freshocracy. The name alone intrigued me so I checked out their site. Their business model was refreshingly simple – they deliver ingredients from local farms for 3 dinners, every two weeks, for $99. The benefits they list from using their service include knowing where your food comes […]

No Disrespect, But . . .

This clip of John Stewart critiquing Donald Trump’s choice of pizza parlor to take Sarah Palin to, as well as Donald’s bad form in eating of said pizza is pretty awesome: Like Stewart, I’m also a mutt from New Jersey who spent the weekends of his youth visiting his grandmother in Middle Village, Queens and […]