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Buzzfeed Food published an article asking, “Have you heard about the new kind of pie that’s all the rage lately?” It’s a hand pie, a little foldover pie that you can fit in your hand. They have flaky crusts and can be sweet or savory. You know, exactly like an empanada, a Latin American culinary […]


Jonathan Jones on why we can’t stop Retronauting (sharing old photographs): What is nostalgia? For me it’s triggered by the sense that my parents might be young people in Butterfield’s deep colour vistas of the West End of London. For enthusiasts who post historic photographs on Twitter, it’s more broadly scattered. These pictures reveal the […]

Hamburger Icon

Geoff Alday talks to the creator of the ‘hamburger icon’: You’ve done your homework and found the right guy. I designed that symbol many years ago as a “container” for contextual menu choices. It would be somewhat equivalent to the context menu we use today when clicking over objects with the right mouse button. Its […]


A few weekends ago, while I was visiting my parents I decided to see what antique stores I could find near me in northwestern New Jersey. My problem is always finding shops with printed matter. There’s fewer and fewer antique shops with good collections of books and magazines. Then I stumbled upon Get a Grip […]

More Maps

Interactive Map Compares the New York City of 1836 to Today So awesome. via thisisnthappiness

This Is Now

Welcome to today’s world, where you can use Über to hail a cab where ever you are in a city, computers come in a tablet form factor and you can buy the original Schindler’s list for $3,000,000 on eBay. Huh? via Open Culture

Time Warp

If you’ve been in web design for 12+ years like me, this archive of screenshots is going to give you total recall.


While my brother was in town visiting me this past week in Los Angeles, he requested we hit the Museum of Jurassic Technology on Santa Monica Boulevard. We both loved it. A poor description would be to say it’s odd. Here’s a bit from their introduction: Like a coat of two colors, the Museum serves […]

Time Control

The image below is a scan from Rules and Regulations Governing Employees Engaged in Operation of the New York City Transit System (Whew). It belonged to my grandfather who worked for the Transit System in the 1940’s and 1950’s. I’ve posted more over at Famous But Unknown.