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Alan Peckolick

Early this month logo designer Alan Peckolick died: Alan Jay Peckolick was born on Oct. 3, 1940, in the Bronx to Charles Peckolick, a letter carrier (actual letters, not the kind his son would work with) and the former Belle Binenbaum. “I never knew anything about design or graphics or any of those fancy words,” […]


Budweiser is one of the worst-tasting beers ever made, and unless it’s 100 degrees and there’s nothing else to drink at a barbeque, I won’t go near it. I have a few friends who can afford any beer they want but they’ll get a Bud if we go out to a bar and I just […]

Uber’s New Identity

Eli Schiff on Uber’s new identiy: The iconic U icon is not something trivial to be discarded on a whim. When used as a sticker on the outside of an Uber vehicle, it needs to be totally visible in all lighting conditions. Unlike a marked taxi cab where there is a sense of safety, getting […]

Dear ExxonMobil

Armin Vit posted some heart felt words for ExxonMobil regarding their constantly suing anyone using interlocking x’s in their logo.

Cocaine Falling From the Sky

Armin Vit on Google’s new logo: So… THE logo. If the plan is to signal revolution instead of evolution, where do you go from a serif logo? A sans serif, of course. This is not revolutionary on its own and even less so in these last two years when every other major company is switching […]

Welcome to the Terrordome

It’s certainly not a prerequisite to become an iconic musical group, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt if you’re a graphic designer, like Chuck D. He has a degree in graphic design at Adelphi University and designed the logo for Public Enemy. via Brand New


Armin Vit on Hillary Clinton’s new campaign identity: When considering the range of work for the Obama campaign — from Andy Keene’s logo (done as part of Sol Sender’s team), to Scott Thomas’ applications, to Shepard Fairey’s plagiarized poster — we see room for creativity within a managed system. But so far, for Hillary, all […]

Now Do You See It?

I’ve been pointing this out to people ever since I learned about it in my college graphic design class 20 years ago. I’m amazing how many people still have never seen the arrow. A common response after pointing out the arrow is, “Wow! So that arrow is deliberate?” Yeah, you see, graphic design is about […]

Sorta Like This

How well can people recall the Apple logo from memory? Not well: Taken from Taylor & Francis via Quipsologies

Jaded and Cynical

As I get older I catch myself having more and more jaded and cynical reactions to things around me. It’s just what happens to certain people when they get older. This doesn’t make being jaded and cynical a good thing. Case-in-point: Co.Design’s headline and review for Cooklyn’s identity system: Is This The Most Brooklyn Branding […]