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From Sports Illustrated: A photographer is suing Nike in federal court, alleging that the sneaker company used his work to make its famous “Jumpman” logo of Michael Jordan’s silhouette. Image taken from Brand New It looks like the logo was derived from those photos to me. Flashback: When I started this blog almost nine years […]

Flat Design Isn’t the Problem

Gabby Manotoc on the new Netflix logo and the rise of the flat design trend: This flat design is in trend with many logo redesigns. Its approach is an attempt on minimalism. The Helvetica-esque typeface disregards the personality of Netflix. The company doesn’t need to be a wayfinding system; its users want it to be […]

PayPal Logo

Armin Vit on the new PayPal logo by fuseproject: The new logo is a really good evolution that unquestionably modernizes the previous logo. The double-P monogram has a nice rhythm to it and the two “P”s assemble together warmly — they are spooning. The typography, a modified Futura italic (or, actually, oblique), is a perfectly […]

The Opposite of Identity

How stupid is Comcast for appending the NBC peacock to their logo? As stupid as Volkswagen appending the Lamborghini emblem to their logo (VW owns Lamborghini, Ducati, Audi, Porsche, Bentley and others). Or as stupid as Pepsico slapping mister Quaker Oats dude on top of their logo: *Note: The Comcast logo is the only real […]


Wax seals and letterpressed identities via Graphic Exchange


I like the dig at Facebook on the Settings page of Google Plus:

job titles

Job titles are important. Very important. But this doesn’t mean they should dictate everything. Job titles should be warranted. They should be earned. This doesn’t mean, for instance, that an art director can’t let a junior design act as lead designer on a project. In fact, it means quite the opposite. The only way you […]