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Write ‘Em Off

From Daniel Eran Dilger at Apple Insider: It turns out that while the tech media spent most of 2013 complaining that Apple “wasn’t innovating,” Apple was secretly developing its new Mac Pro supercomputer, perfecting its Authentech-based Touch ID technology that the industry has been flummoxed to copy, completing iOS 7 (while Google took a Kit […]

Tools Disguised As Toys

BGR on Microsoft still not getting the whole tablet thang: Windows-based tablets haven’t been big successes so far, whether they use the desktop-centric Windows 8 or the tablet-centric Windows RT. iMore’s Rene Ritchie does some sharp analysis of Microsoft’s latest marketing campaign and concludes that the company simply does not understand why people are buying […]

Dragged Into The Future, Kicking And Screaming

From the Verge: CBS CEO Les Moonves is the latest TV exec to publicly entertain the idea of halting free broadcast TV if streaming provider Aereo is allowed to continue its service. Responding to a question about News Corp. COO Chase Carey’s threats to make Fox cable-only, Moonves told The New York Times that he […]

Silicon Valley Innovation

Over at SFGate, James Temple calls out Silicon Valley on it’s innovation bullshit: It’s fairly obvious the region’s business culture and investing philosophy – that is to say, the free market – often doesn’t reward the kind of “deep innovation” Levchin and Thiel trumpet. The media attention doesn’t go to pasty scientists working tirelessly on […]

Evolution, Not Reinvention

Over at ABC News, details on the new HTC One (via The Loop): “We think it’s time to shake things up in the smartphone space,” Mike Woodward, President of HTC America, told ABC News in an interview. “We have decided to come out and reinvent the smartphone.” Careful with the ‘R’ word. I got news […]

It Won’t Be A Faster Horse

Everybody’s having fun speculating about Apple’s supposed iWatch. Bloomberg is telling us there’s already a team of 100 people working on it at Apple. Over at The Atlantic’s new site Quartz, they went step further and are telling us some 18-year-old could beat Apple to market with his own iWatch. Ha! Take that! It seems […]

Davids & Goliaths

News Corp. Shuts Down The Daily. Rock on with your disruptive, subcompact publishing, Marco.

Faster Horses

Another solid post by Drew Breunig on tablets, faster horses, cars and tablets: But tablets are more dynamic than cars, whose use case is relatively clear, and their flexiblity allows for much habitual misuse. Some are not sure what the iPad is used for and are engaging it like a netbook. Others create apps to […]

Asymetric Horses

I’ve added new rewards to my Kickstarter project, Faster Horses. There’s now a third poster design set I’m calling ‘Asymmetric.’

Incremental Progress Vs. Dramatic Breakthrough

Quick post. I just started reading Steven Johnson’s new book, Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age and I’m liking it a lot so far (my emphasis): The popular response to the Miracle on the Hudson encapsulates just about everything that is flawed in the way we think about progress in our […]


The key to remember when disrupting an industry you’re new to. You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know enough to be dangerous. Smart newbies don’t know the so-called “rules”, so they’ll try anything.

Oops, I Did It Again

Earlier today, Kickstarter approved my project proposal for Faster Horses. It’s a series of 14 posters illustrating innovations from various industries over the last 100 years. There’s 7 innovations, with 2 poster designs each: The Model T – A Faster Horse The Light Bulb – A Brighter Candle The Phonograph – A Portable Orchestra The […]