Free Key

Someone decided to redesign the key ring we’ve been using for eternity. It’s called FreeKey:

Save your nails–the Free Key key ring makes it incredibly easy to put keys on without having to worry about prying the rings apart with your fingernails. The Free Key is designed in such a way so that you can press down on the opposite end of the ring and have the opening lift up without much effort.

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Going on at Kickstarter right now, Impossible Instant Lab:

Your digital images transformed into real instant photographs. That’s impossible, right?

Right! We are Impossible and we love instant photography. We love it so much, we were crazy enough to buy the last Polaroid factory in order to save instant film for the future. If you’ve ever held an SX 70 in your hand, you probably understand. It’s such a beautiful piece of design and the photos it makes are so different from any other camera – unique and magical. But even we instant film aficionados take a lot of pictures with our iPhones, so we wanted to find a way to turn those digital iPhone images into true instant photos.

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The Message

When Apple makes a new product, usually the message is, “Can you believe how great this is?”
And when Amazon makes a new product, usually the message is, “Can you believe how cheap this is?”

Marco Arment

Suunto Lumi


My Suunto Lumi watch (Suunto calls them ‘wrist computers’) arrived this past week. It’s the first watch I’ve worn in around 8 years. I saw it posted on a gadget blog and fell in love with it. I mean, look at it, how could you not?

The only issue I have with the watch is the fluorescent orange band. I’m going to try and get a custom leather band made for it.

A flywheel lamp. I love you.

These lamps are from another world. You want to talk about design? Suck on these works of genius by Campbell Levy Designs. Seeing car parts in this context is both beautiful and alien at the same time. It makes me think of Picasso’s Tete de Toro (Bull’s Head), or Baboon & Young.

I think Campbell Levy should send me a sample of one of these lamps.

Hell, I AM The Combustion Chamber.

screengrab: Campbell Levy Designs

Campbell Levy Designs

Picasso: Bull's Head
PICASSO, Tete de Toro (Bull’s Head), 1943

Picasso: Baboon and Young
PICASSO, Baboon & Young, 1951