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All-Drug Olympics

The Atlantic: By the Next Olympics, Athletes May Be Getting Routine Gene Doping Tests I say we do what they proposed in an old SNL skit from the 90’s and just let athletes take anything they want.

I always try to create danger.

NYTimes: Lionel Messi: Boy Genius Tall and lean, Busquets jogged languidly from the circle into the space between Madrid’s central midfield and defense. Messi’s return pass was sharp and direct. Busquets received the ball, pivoted and tapped it lightly. What seemed unthreatening a few seconds earlier now became a menacing give-and-go. “I saw some options,” […]

This is a GOOD TRADE

A big congratulations to my team at Roundarch and the team at Bloomberg Sports on the new Trade Analyzer 2011 app for iPad – especially my design colleague Silvia Brown for the beautiful work she did on the interface design. With that said, what makes this application great isn’t just the great interface design but […]

Mr. Crack

NYTimes: The Evolution of the World Cup Ball My favorite? 1962’s “Mr. Crack”