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Dammit, Apple. You’re Supposed to Be the Ones With Good UI Design.

The grand appeal of using an e-reader is the ability to own a large library of books without adding to the colossal weight of one’s possessions. Ever since I moved away from print books I’ve been able to remove hundreds of pounds of clutter from my apartment and from my life. Storing books digitally has […]

Blade Runner: Typeface Details & Beyond

Over at Typeset in the Future, Dave Addey has an incredibly detailed analysis of Blade Runner going way beyond the typefaces used: The subtitle reads WORLD WIDE COMPUTER LINKUP PLANNED, in what looks like Optima Bold. While the idea of a World Wide Computer Linkup might seem passé as we approach 2019, it was still […]

Web Fonts of 2015

Typewolf gives us The Ten Most Popular Web Fonts of 2015: I’m going to make the understatement of the century: geometric sans-serifs are popular at the moment. Out of the ten fonts on this list there was only one serif featured, with the rest being sans-serifs. Although some of the typefaces such as Aperçu and […]

Drive Yo Self

Chris Ziegler at the Verge on Tesla’s announcement: At a press event today, Tesla announced the release tomorrow of version 7.0 of the Model S software, a big, widely anticipated new build that finally enables the car’s self-driving features. Those capabilities were first announced last year and the necessary sensors were added to all Model […]

Helvetica is the cockroach of Modernism. It just won’t die.

While reviewing the new logo for the University of the Arts London in 2012, Armin Vit tears Helvetica a new asshole: As it concerns identity design we all recognize Helvetica as a bastion of the rise of the practice of corporate identity in the 1960s, deployed with unrelenting passion by the likes of Massimo Vignelli […]


This post is about the newest version of Apple’s desktop operating system, Yosemite. It’s a short post, because I’m only focusing on one aspect of it: the typography. In short: Helvetica is a horrible choice for a system-wide, screen font. I work on a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro and I connect to a 27-inch, non-Retina […]

Tip of the Day: How to Kern

Yesterday I gave away my kerning secret on Twitter and it seemed to resonant with a few people so I thought I’d share it here. (if you had a proper graphic design education, this isn’t a secret) How to kern a word: 1) From the beginning of the word, look at the first three letters; […]

Sahara Bodoni

I’ve been binging on display typefaces lately. I think it has to do with having jumped back into print design over the last few years. My latest find? Sahara Bodoni. I spotted it on this old Barbara Walters book cover (see below) posted over at Brain Pickings. What a gorgeous typeface. Barbara didn’t look too […]