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Hacking Cars

BBC News: Tesla cars get hacked: Tesla has updated its software after researchers from China hacked into the operating system of its electric cars. The team from Keen Security Lab remotely manipulated the brake system on a Tesla while it was on the move, from a distance of 12 miles (19km). It used to be […]

DeSoto on Valencia

Taken from Instagram From Wikipedia: The DeSoto make was founded by Walter Chrysler on August 4, 1928, and introduced for the 1929 model year. It was named after the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto. The DeSoto logo featured a stylized image of the explorer who led the first European expedition deep into the territory of […]

The Blackbird

This is awesome. The Blackbird is, “the first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars.” From what I can decipher from the video, not only does the Blackbird adjust it’s size to match the car it’s mimicking, but it also captures the environment around it with the 360-degree cameras mounted on top, so […]

The Gear Shifter Was Working Perfectly, Thanks for Messing it Up

The Verge: The recalled Jeep shifter is just bad user interface design: First things first: if you have a 2014 or 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee or a 2012-2014 Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300, you should call your dealer right now and set up an appointment for the recall. According to my local dealer, the update […]

Porsche 911 R

Porsche is dropping a new 911 R this summer: Despondent over Porsche’s migration with the rest of the auto world to boosted engines and automatic transmissions? Behold this ray of sunshine: Porsche has a new 911 R that combines just what you want/need—a hot naturally aspirated engine, six shift-’em-yourself gears, and a clutch pedal all […]

We’ve Hit Peak ’80s Nostalgia

The DeLorean Motor Company has announced its intention to manufacture the iconic DMC-12 sports car again, 30 years after the vehicle was immortalised in sci-fi movie trilogy Back to the Future. —Dezeen:DeLorean goes back to the future to reproduce DMC-12 car

Did You Grab the Right Key?

When you buy a Hellcat, you’re given two keys: a black key and a red key. The red key unlocks the car’s full performance potential, giving it a raucous 707 horsepower. The black key, however, “limits” the Hellcat to a conservative, rational 500 horsepower. —Jalopnik: I Drove A Challenger Hellcat And I Almost Crashed It […]


Chris Ziegler at The Verge on the BMW M2: There’s a lot to love. The M3, BMW’s legendary compact performance car, got bigger and bigger over the years, leaving room for a new model that captured the spirit of the original. The modern M3 and M4 — both more than 3,500 pounds — have strayed […]