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Desire, Not Necessity

It needs to justify its existence no more than any other watch — mechanical or electronic — ever made. Of course you don’t need it. No one, not one person on the face of the earth, needs any $400 watch, Apple Watch or otherwise. The right question is simply “Do you want one?” It’s about […]

Apple Watch Notifications

Dan Frommer on Apple Watch notifications: I was expecting to be more annoyed by notifications. It turns out that I’ve already done a good job turning off most in-app notifications—I haven’t been bothered at all by them. Exactly as I said a few weeks ago, we are in charge of our gadgets, not the other […]

“I can feel Van Patten and Bryce admiring the Apple Watch. Then Van Patten tells me Paul Allen has one. He says the yellow gold suits Allen’s coloring. I start to sweat.”

I’m trying to enjoy my new Apple Watch Edition but Evelyn, my so-called fiancée, keeps buzzing me with Facebook messages. Something about Terry Richardson. I focus on the black leather, the 18-carat yellow gold, the way it looks on my tanned wrist. I appreciate that it is wipe clean. I ask Siri to dictate a […]