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Ask Again Later

By Michael Mulvey on November 20, 2013 4:45 PM

With Instagram and Vine, is Windows Phone 'turning a corner'?

Magic 8-Ball says, says ASK AGAIN LATER.


By Michael Mulvey on January 15, 2013 1:22 AM

Techcrunch: Microsoft Launches "Next App Star" Competition For Windows Phone Developers

You know a mobile app store is still young and needs more content when the company behind it still writes its own blog posts when interesting new apps appear in it. With 150,000 apps, the Windows Phone store isn't actually quite as empty as the Windows 8 store, but Microsoft could sure use some marquee apps for its mobile platform. To get developers and consumers a bit more excited about it, the company is launching its "Windows Phone Next App Star" contest today.

It wasn't to long after Apple launched their App Store that they were able to brag about having both the best and the most apps. Now in 2013, Microsoft has no such advantage. While 150,000 apps is nothing to scoff at, it means nothing to people already conditioned to seeing over one million apps in Apple's App Store. "Hey, Windows Phone now has Angry Birds!!!" ...who cares?

Parity in apps will help Microsoft, but parity won't win the war for them.

I'm just curious when the Charade of the Zune Phone will end. Will Microsoft piss away all their cash reserves before they gain a foothold in the smartphone space?


By Michael Mulvey on December 19, 2011 1:13 PM

Brian S Hall tells us Blackberry ($RIMM) is worth less than the Apple App Store. Just the App Store.

Not iPhone.

Not iPad.

Not Mac.

Not iTunes.

Just the App Store.

Related: John Gruber called it back in 2008.


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