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Dropbox Looking Instagram-y

I updated Dropbox earlier today and I noticed the UI is a little bit more Instagram-y: Instagram UI for reference (current and previous): More info on the new “productivity” features here. I’m not sure I’ll ever use any of the features they listed, but as long file syncing remains rock solid, I’ll continue to be […]

Your Formative Years Are Important

Dropbox founder Drew Houston on his formative years: Initially, it was about playing games, and when I was about 11, I was pretty sure I was going to make computer games for a living. Part of my interest was also just discovering what makes these games tick. I would get the source code of a […]


Last week Dropbox announced is was shutting down two of it’s services, Mailbox and Carousel. There’s been some bitching and moaning about these moves, but it doesn’t bother me. I use Carousel almost daily, mainly to back up my photos to my Dropbox account (For a few years now I’ve been paying $99/year for 1 […]