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Link Drop – Feb 2

Study Finds Social Media Leads To Sleep Disturbance – stay the fuck off Facebook and you’ll feel better // Video: Apollo Robbins, professional pickpocket on the art of misdirection (via Open Culture) // Seth Godin on how famous colleges and in the industrial-education process are not preparing students with practical skills // Frank Chimero tells […]

Link Drop – 21 Jan

Quartz says traditional home pages are obselete // Apple Watch Scooped Up Over Half The Smartwatch Market In 2015 // The new Google Ventures logo is nice and gestalt-y // “Resilience is a skill, one that’s probably more valuable than most.” —Seth Godin // The Allegory of the Cave, Monty Python styley (via Open Culture) […]

Link Drop

Admir Hadzic has a gorgeous portfolio site Zack Grossbart on P Vs. NP – “Right now we assume that P does not equal NP. This means that some problems are easy and others are hard. We think our secrets are safe, but we can’t prove it.” See the invisible wireless signals around you with this […]

Link Drop

I have waaaaaay too many tabs open in Safari and they have been open for way too long. Lucky for me and you, I find good shit and good shit doesn’t go bad. Artist Celebrates Late Grandfather by Drawing the 100,000+ Items in His Tool Shed Jony Ive’s Secret Coffee Ritual – Good coffee-making tips […]