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Sorta Like This

By Michael Mulvey on March 11, 2015 9:21 AM

How well can people recall the Apple logo from memory?

Not well:

Taken from Taylor & Francis

via Quipsologies

Everything is a Remix

By Michael Mulvey on February 5, 2015 8:43 AM

Your logo is not hardcore.


By Michael Mulvey on January 26, 2015 9:14 AM

From Sports Illustrated:

A photographer is suing Nike in federal court, alleging that the sneaker company used his work to make its famous "Jumpman" logo of Michael Jordan's silhouette.

Image taken from Brand New

It looks like the logo was derived from those photos to me.

Flashback: When I started this blog almost nine years ago, my third post compared the Air Jordan "Jumpman" logo with the Shaq "Dunkman" logo.

Symbols vs. Emotions

By Michael Mulvey on January 12, 2015 11:42 AM

Seth Godin on the difference between your logo and your brand:

Spend 10,000 times as much time and money on your brand as you spend on your logo.

Your logo is a referent, a symbol, a reminder of your brand.

But your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.

Too many people don't understand this.

"That's startin' to feel pretty good..."

By Michael Mulvey on December 15, 2014 4:39 PM


By Michael Mulvey on July 17, 2014 10:16 AM

Now, there is the matter of the mob mentality who, yesterday, got all riled up about two things: 1) The new icon looks like the logo of Automation Anywhere and have claimed it was ripped off, and 2) the new icon looks like every sexual reproductive organ in the male and female anatomy. To the first claim: had you ever heard of Automation Anywhere before yesterday? Right, didn't think so. To claim that DesignStudio or Airbnb copied or stole the logo is idiotic. It simply points to the fact that neither logo is highly original in its shape and that it's possible that out of the millions of companies out there designing logos for themselves to arrive at similar solutions. To the second claim that the logo looks like testicles, a vagina, a butt, a penis, and an asshole -- all already dutifully illustrated in this Tumblr (NSFW) -- seriously, how old are y'all, 13? Grow up. It's a fucking "A".

—Armin Vit on the new Airbnb logo


By Michael Mulvey on July 16, 2014 1:05 PM

Airbnb has new branding by DesignStudio.

It's fun, fresh and really dig it.

Former design director, Khoi Vihn disagrees:

I can't pretend to know what went into designing the Bélo, but the end result is surprisingly tone deaf. This seems like a case of a still young startup that wants to assign meaning to its stratospherically successful brand so badly that it has quickly gotten in over its head. The story that Airbnb tells in order to contextualize its new identity seems similarly hamfisted and overly self-important to the point of satire. Airbnb is successfully disrupting the tremendous and staid lodging industry, but it's hard to imagine this particular combination of pomposity and message mismanagement from say Holiday Inn.

Khoi wouldn't have to "pretend to know what went into the design" because DesignStudio documented the process behind their work. I particularly like how the logo forms an "A" from two b's facing in each other. It also looks like an upside-down heart.

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one (I do, Khoi does).

If Airbnb had crowdsourced a shitty logo over the weekend, they'd be getting chastised for putting to little effort into their branding. For Khoi, they've done too much. You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.

Personally, I live by the gospel according to Andy Warhol: "Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art."

The same goes for design.

PayPal Logo

By Michael Mulvey on May 1, 2014 9:31 AM

Armin Vit on the new PayPal logo by fuseproject:

The new logo is a really good evolution that unquestionably modernizes the previous logo. The double-P monogram has a nice rhythm to it and the two "P"s assemble together warmly -- they are spooning. The typography, a modified Futura italic (or, actually, oblique), is a perfectly acceptable solution that reads more cleanly than the previous whateveritwas. The brighter blue hues help the logo compete better against the livelier identities of other payment gateways like Square.

I disagree with Vit. The new logo is shitty. My beef is specifically with the dark blue shape formed from the overlapping "P"s. It's muddy and too close in value to the blues around it. I'm fine with the letterforms comprising the logo mark and the word mark (you know there's a difference between a word mark and a logo mark, right?).

Call me old school, but I think a logo should activate the space in and around it. Let me dig into my Graphic Design 101 bag..... gestalt! Yeah, this thing has no gestalt, there's no dance between negative and positive space. If you're looking at a logo you should have an active role in deconstructing and understanding it.

Why am I wasting this critique on PayPal of all companies? As Vit notes in his post, this is the company that hasn't updated its logged-in dashboard view in 12 years.

Update: Happy I'm not the only one who isn't impressed with the new logo

A Forgettable Brand

By Michael Mulvey on March 5, 2014 11:52 AM

Armin Vit on Reebok's new logo:

It's probably not fair to keep comparing Reebok to Nike or Adidas but since no one ever said design blogging had to be fair I shall continue: I don't think the previous Reebok logo ever achieved the same ubiquity or memorability as the Nike Swoosh or Adidas' stripes. Before writing this post, if you had asked me to draw the Reebok icon from scratch I wouldn't even have known where to start.

I'm with Armin, I couldn't draw the Reebok logo before I read his blog post. For some reason, I think of Asics when I think of Reebok.

Maybe because they're both forgettable brands.

I Haven't Seen a Logo This Clever In a Long Time

By Michael Mulvey on October 11, 2013 5:32 AM


SC & P

By Michael Mulvey on June 18, 2013 9:14 AM


via Brand New

The Opposite of Identity

By Michael Mulvey on December 11, 2012 3:13 PM


How stupid is Comcast for appending the NBC peacock to their logo?

As stupid as Volkswagen appending the Lamborghini emblem to their logo (VW owns Lamborghini, Ducati, Audi, Porsche, Bentley and others).


Or as stupid as Pepsico slapping mister Quaker Oats dude on top of their logo:


*Note: The Comcast logo is the only real logo in this post. If you didn't figure it out, I made up the Volkswagen and Pepsico versions for demonstration purposes.

Back When Logos Had Balls

By Michael Mulvey on September 19, 2012 10:36 PM


via FBU


By Michael Mulvey on September 6, 2012 11:04 AM


Beautiful work by Jean-Charles Desevre (via ShareSomeCandy)

Design Jargon Bullshit

By Michael Mulvey on July 17, 2012 9:51 AM


via DesignJargonBullshit


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