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"To play, you must seek information elsewhere."

By Michael Mulvey on July 29, 2014 6:00 AM

Minecraft-the-game, maintained in Sweden by Persson's small studio, is just the seed, or maybe the soil. The true Minecraft (no italics, for we are speaking of something larger now) is the game plus the sprawling network of tutorials, wikis, galleries, videos--seriously, search for "minecraft" on YouTube and be amazed--mods, forum threads, and more. The true Minecraft is the oral tradition: secrets and rumors shared in chat rooms, across cafeteria tables, between block-faced players inside the game itself.

The true Minecraft is the books.

—Robin Sloan, The secret of Minecraft

If I ever get to point where I have more disposable time on my hands, I'm going to play Minecraft.

Stack Overflow In My Brain

By Michael Mulvey on April 20, 2011 11:18 AM

The Escapist: Computer Built in Minecraft Has RAM, Performs Division

Last October, I showed you guys a simple CPU that a user named "theinternetftw" created in Minecraft that used torches to ignite redstone wires to add numbers and output that information as binary code. Now, a Minecraft player known as Salaja has created an even more complex machine that is capable of loading 16 lines of code into its RAM, and then performing operations before displaying the results on a screen in hexadecimal notation. In one example video, Salaja loads the "division program" and then successfully divides 9 by 5. The only downfall is that the computation takes a little while for the charge on the redstone to travel, but Salaja's home-designed computer within a computer game is still quite a mind-boggling feat.

I understand what this guy did on a fundamental level, but trying to fully comprehend this is like trying to fully comprehend infinity or a black hole.

via Missile Test


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