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A day with good things

By Michael Mulvey on October 10, 2006 10:33 AM

What things? Mostly nerd things:

Mozilla Firefox 2 RC 2 Release - they've fixed the stupid Flash focusing problem, added drag 'n drop tabs, moved the tab close button onto the tab like Safari.

*note - if you have a lot of FF extensions installed, they might not all work yet.

CD/DVD Scratch Repair Kit - apparently this works on iPods too.

Ofiicial Google Mac Blog - sounds good to me and makes sense, considering Eric Schmidt is on Apple's board now.

This is potentially, inevitably good news:
Apple about to announce wireless video iPod?

Googling and Photoshopping

By Michael Mulvey on August 14, 2006 9:57 AM

Google is cracking down on the usage of google as a verb. This reminds me of when Adobe got their panties in a bunch over the verb photoshopping.

Mozilla's new Sea Monkey application - Web-browser, e-mail, newsgroup, IRC chat, and HTML editing all in one program.

Flash turns 10 years old - damn, I'm getting old. In tribute to Flash's birthday, theFWA is having a contest for the most influential Flash sites. And for all you kids out there who were too young to remember, the Birth of Flash.

Key Xing is now on my Top 10 Applications for OS X - bummer it's no longer being developed.

Macrodobe has seems to be a busy mofo, working on their new Spry framework.

A Captain Murphy soundboard day is complete.


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