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Martin Scorsese, Rejected

Cardinal Hayes is a high school in the Bronx, and after a year of minor seminary — a tryout for the priesthood; once a regular stop for bright Catholic boys of limited means — Scorsese went there. (Don DeLillo, the novelist, was a few years ahead.) Rejected by Fordham University because of poor grades, Scorsese […]

High Fives

This video made me smile. It also made me think about how archaic the act of sticking out our hands to summon a vehicle is. “Grandpa, what’s a taxi cab?” “Oh they were these yellow automobiles, driven by humans, that would take you where ever you wanted to go in New York and you would […]

Adapt or Die

Yellow cabs in NYC might be getting an overhaul: The technology inside many New York City yellow taxis is in for an overhaul after regulators on Thursday approved a trial run for systems that calculate fares using global positioning. The changes mean the back seat “Taxi TVs” could be on the way out, along with […]

“This equipment is not supported—AT ALL—by the railroad industry. We are fully, self-sufficient.”

Absolutely incredible. The NYC MTA is upgrading to communications-based train control but the majority of the system still uses electro-mechanical relay switches and other technology from the 1930s to run today’s subway system. And some of the cabling is the original cloth-covered cabling. Here’s a video on YouTube for a look at this underground system. […]