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By Michael Mulvey on May 31, 2011 8:19 AM

When the iPad was announced in April of 2010, the jokes didn't stop.

Of all the great names to use — "Slate", "Canvas" (via Daring Fireball), hell even plain "Tablet" is good — I find it amusing how many other "Pads" are on the market now:

MSI WindPad

Viewsonic ViewPad

HP TouchPad

LG Optimus Pad

Asus Padfone

The advice you usually get when launching a new product is to set it apart from the competition. This isn't the case in the tablet market because none of the iPad competitors have a value-add or anything they do better than the iPad (OK, the TouchPad looks good, if it ever launches).

So instead of making themselves unique, even if it's on the surface, they've all decided to blend in with their main competitor.


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