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Million Dollar Fixer-Uppers

The average ‘fixer-upper’ in S.F. is now $920,000: In San Francisco, homes labeled “fixer-uppers” sold at an average of 15 percent above the list price in 2016, with a median sale price of $920,000, according to a new year-end report from Paragon Real Estate. Though the price is high, it is a substantial discount from […]

Doze Off

Eat a Scooby snack and take disco nap Because I’m shopping at Sears, cause I don’t buy at the Gap —Alright Hear This, Beastie Boys You know when you’re fading off at work because you’re tired? If you’re like me, you don’t have any safe, comfortable place to go to take a disco nap so […]

Affordability in San Francisco

Gabriel Metcalf on San Francisco’s serious lack of affordability: But for cities like San Francisco that now have 35 years of growth behind them, the urban problems of today are utterly different from what they were a generation or two ago. Instead of disinvestment, blight and stagnation, we are dealing with the problems of rapid […]