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Dammit, Apple. You’re Supposed to Be the Ones With Good UI Design.

The grand appeal of using an e-reader is the ability to own a large library of books without adding to the colossal weight of one’s possessions. Ever since I moved away from print books I’ve been able to remove hundreds of pounds of clutter from my apartment and from my life. Storing books digitally has […]

Link Drop, 8 Feb

The Website Obesity Crisis // How to Optimize Your T-Shirt Designs for Max Wearability (don’t forget to break the rules once you know them) // Conversation As Interface —Landscape & Future of Mobile Design // Redesign concepts for popular websites #1 // Complete Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture // The Commericial Zen of Muji // […]

Link Drop

Admir Hadzic has a gorgeous portfolio site Zack Grossbart on P Vs. NP – “Right now we assume that P does not equal NP. This means that some problems are easy and others are hard. We think our secrets are safe, but we can’t prove it.” See the invisible wireless signals around you with this […]

Apple Music, First Impressions

I’ve been using Apple Music since it launched yesterday. It’s interesting. I’m not sure if I’ll be signing up after the 3-month trial is over, but so far I like the recommendations it gives me. The playlists under “For You” are good, but I’ve been playing around with the ability to create a “station” based […]