Things I missed in the last week

Google removes underlined links – I’m saving this post for an upcoming essay on ‘authentic digital experiences’ (spoiler: having or not having underlines on your links doesn’t make your digital experience any more or less authentic).
Amazon Prime price jumping to $99 in the US – I’ve been a Prime member for a few years now. I’m fine with the $20/year hike. Still a great deal.
A message from 1996:

IDC predicts that by January 1997, up to a fifth of America’s top 500 companies boasting Web sites will have either closed them down or frozen their growth. Although more people are expected to peek at the Web this year, many will cancel their subscriptions and go back to watching television.
Neil Young launched a Kickstarter for his Pono Player – As I write this it’s at 9,261 backers with more than $3 million dollars. This would be considered a failure for Apple or Samsung, but this is great news for Neil. Niche music, technology, films, etc can exist in this world. Not everything has to be a blockbuster.




LinkedIn likes it, Mikey doesn’t

What’s going on with LinkedIn these days?
Can someone tell me what value it brings to the site by allowing people to like and comment on alerts that your connections have updated their profiles?
Are there seriously people out there with enough free time on their hands that after they’re done trolling through Facebook they go over to LinkedIn and say, “Ooooh look! Jimmy updated his Experience to include ‘wasting work hours watching the World Cup.’ I LIKE that! I’m going to click the LIKE link. Big ups, Jimmy! You da man!”
You’re not even seeing the actual Profile update on this screen either. So how are you going to react to something you need to drill down into to understand?
I’m all about the cross-pollination of ideas between different industries and trades, but some things just aren’t appropriate.