Monthly Archives: May 2006

Dunk the Shark

Each year basketball players seem to get bigger and bigger, and with their size, salaries and endorsement deals seem to grow with them. I watch them dunk like they were reaching for a Nerf hoop on the back of their closet door. All the physical signs are there that b-ball players are getting reallly big, […]

Stroking Egos

It always drives me nuts when a job interview turns into a chance for the interviewer to explain to the interviewee how wonderful he/she is and how much knowledge they have. This happened to me yesterday when I was on a call with a potential employer. The call started out how a normal phone interview […]

Setting the Hook: Or How Finding a Job is Like Fishing

I was part of a bachelor party a few weeks ago in Key West. Among other activities the 15 of us spent a day deep sea fishing on 3 chartered boats. Charter boats are the opposite of party boats where large groups of people all fish together, bring their kids, puke all over and get […]