I launched Daily Exhaust on 20 May 2006. Back then it was a subdomain on my portfolio site, blog.thecombustionchamber.com (It wasn’t until 2012 that I moved it to a better, permanent home where it is now at dailyexhaust.com). I remember thinking to myself I had started a blog too late in the game. What was the point. Now here I am updating my About page 12 years later in 2018. 12 years.

This site is the place where I capture my thoughts on things I read in the news. A lot of the posts focus on technology, Apple, and design, but there’s a dozen other categories of content too. I launched this site a year before I joined Twitter in 2007 and I still prefer it to Twitter as a platform to express my opinions. I think there’s value in constructing cohesive thoughts on a topic and then editing it into a polished post rather than impulsively shitting out 280 impulsive characters without context (it was 140 characters up until November 2017).

Comments are disabled on Daily Exhaust because, again, this is the space for my thoughts. I don’t want a conversation or an argument on my site. If you have a perspective or an opinion you’d like to add to what I wrote then you should create your own fucking website, think about what you want to say, and then type it out on your own domain. If I want to throw down and scrap with people, I’ll fire out some tweets from @combustion.

—Mike Mulvey, 12 June 2018