Link Drop – 21 Jan

Quartz says traditional home pages are obselete // Apple Watch Scooped Up Over Half The Smartwatch Market In 2015 // The new Google Ventures logo is nice and gestalt-y // “Resilience is a skill, one that’s probably more valuable than most.”Seth Godin // The Allegory of the Cave, Monty Python styley (via Open Culture) // only in 2016 does Android get forced icon size consistency (it’s about time, guys) // boredom helps creativity (agreed! don’t be afraid of it) // Snapchat Explained… Using Snapchat (video) // Shot: home for fingers over lenses, severed limbs, missing heads, misfires, bad crops, oddly lit, badly composed, inadvertent close-ups and all photographs so bad they can only be described as Shot (via Coudal) // The less you hear about a relationship, the better it’s going.