Partying Like It Was 1999 Again?

Just when it seems like browsers are getting better at respecting standards I have to go and read articles about Internet Explorer 7 ignoring CSS standards. Obiously it’s good that Mozilla Firefox is still gaining ground on IE but c’mon kids.
Browsers not respecting web standards, venture capital flowin’ like wine to ‘Web 2.0’ start-ups. This all feels very familiar to me. Aren’t we learning from our mistakes or are we ignorantly partying like it was 1999 again?
I still love being an interactive designer but it all feels like a sick dream (with the occasional highlight) …

I had this dream the other night that they had come out with IE 7, but it wasn’t really IE 7 because it had tabbed browsing like Firefox, but it was even worse at being standards-compliant. And then Adobe had bought Macromedia and now they were just Adobe and Apple Computer had moved their machines over to Intel architecture and were phasing out their Power Mac line. Oh yeah, and you could run Windows on the new Macs. Then Google came out with a Map program that was rendering MapQuest obsolete… and their stock price was over $300

Yes this is a very strange dream indeed.