Job Resources for Interactive Designers

Here is a list of solid resources for web professionals, designers developers, flashers and everyone in between:
37signals Job Board – I just discovered this one, and it’s great, I just wish there was a way to filter the results by location or job type.
Newstoday – Click on ‘Find a Job’
Creative Hotlist – I can’t tell you how many calls I get from people who have found me on the Hotlist. In my opinion, it’s a steal at $35 for a 6-month membership.
Moluv – take a look at the job section of the forums on the right, you might find some gems in there.
k10k – they post job opening fairly often in the News section on the right.
Craig’s List – results from Craig’s List can be so-so. I have gotten some great leads from this site, but I’ve also had to weed through a lot of crap to get to them.
I’m sure that many people have benefitted from recruiters. Not me. I’ve found that emailing the top companies on my list has gotten me most of my interviews, coupled with using the links above.