Microsoft Expression

Well, well. If this ain’t something. Why does all Microsoft work feel devoid of any kind of life? They seem to have put a pretty packaging on their software, but it feels more like they put lipstick on a pig. Were you guys all out of the brown you used on the Zune?
I’m surprised I even found this product, since there’s no apparent marketing push for Expression, but that’s what they did with Zune, so I shouldn’t be surprised.
I say good luck to you Microsoft, I’m sure you’ve worked long and hard to put together a suite of tools that integrate well with each other and I’m sure it in no way looks like derivative Adobe/Macromedia software.
I also say good luck to your battle for supremacy with the Zune against the Apple iPod.
…and the 360 against the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii.
…and MSN search & MS Office with Google Search, Google Docs, Gmail, and everything else Google’s kicking your ass at.

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