Recruiters, DWMMFT.

I’m still trying to find out what the deal is with job recruiters, some of them prove to be fairly helpful, but some of them act like circus monkies.
I was contacted this week by a recruiter here in New York that had a job opportunity. I assumed from listening to the voicemail message that I was chosen because it had fit my profile.

I made these assumptions because I had a fairly extensive screening process with this recruiter last summer when I was looking for interactive jobs on my move back to New York from Miami. I took HTML tests, went through salary requirements, my skillset – everything this woman needed to find me a great job. I didn’t end up taking any of the jobs she found, but she had some decent leads.
So after listening to the voicemail from the recruiter, I called her back, because I was curious to see what she had found. What see had found was a ‘web design’ position that was $50,000 BELOW what I currently make.
Did I miss something? What that interview process in 2006 something I made up in my head? Am I just a number to this recruiter? Why am I not on file with this woman? She knows how much I was looking for last year and she should have a fairly accurate idea how much I’m looking for now.
Either the recruiting industry needs to get their sh!t together or I’m going to keep contacting companies directly for employment because they end up wasting both my time and theirs.