Apple a Copycat?

3GSM: LG Says Apple Nicked iPhone Idea From Them
Becareful with your language you big, fat cry babies. There’s a big different between copying, being influenced by and inspired by something. Of those 3 I don’t Apple did any. The LG phone doesn’t have a on-screen QWERTY keyboard, visual voicemail, web browser or motion-sensitive touch screen (it does have a touch screen).
LG – if by copying you, you mean that you made a Ford Escort and Apple made a BMW 745, then yes, I guess they did copy you and then flush your chocolate turd down the toilet.
Since we’re at it, I think Palm should sue Motorola for the Q, and RIM for the BlackBerry.
Can June pleeeeease come quickly? I’m very much over iPhone hype, speculation and trash-talking (myself included).