Not Revolutionary

Apple working on no-contact charging, syncing?
from the headline (my bolding):

Apple Inc. is attempting to develop a revolutionary dock connector for handheld consumer electronics gadgets that will allow the devices to be docked in any orientation and, in some cases, charged wirelessly.

It’s very important to use the right words when talking. Wireless charging and syncing are not revolutionary. There have been wireless chargers for batteries, electric tooth brushes, etc that charge wirelessly through induction.
Wireless syncing has also been done in the past. Remember your old Palm V? Remember the infrared sensor for syncing? Ok.
With that said, I have no doubt that if Apple is working on wireless syncing and charging, they are working hard as hell to remove any kinks and problems in the processes. They weren’t the first company to make digital music players, but they revolutionized the field. They’re not the first company to work with wireless syncing and charging – but they could potentially revolutionize that too.