Obsolescence is in the Mind

The Onion recently published an article titled, Apple Hard At Work Making iPhone Obsolete (via Daring Fireball). It’s dead-on and reflects something I hear a lot regarding Apple products. When people talk about their new iPod or computer, “I know Apple is going to release a new version next week…” seems to be the first thing they mention and then they’ll say “I knew it! I knew I should have waited…” again in 3 months when Apple dropped the new version of their device.
All I have to say to these people is WAHHHHH. We live in a disposable society and capitalism (consumerism) relies on selling more stuff, new stuff. People need to check themselves more often and ask themselves, “I like this new product, but do I need it? Is the product I’m using doing the job fine already?
Apple is not the source of the problem with technology, their priorities as a company are different than those of a consumer, at least a smart consumer. Just because they release a new product does not mean you need to buy it.
Case in point:
I have the same dual processor G4 with 768MB of RAM since 2002. I’ve used it consistently for the last 4 years and it’s loaded with the standard creative programs which all run perfectly – Adobe CS2, Flash 8, etc. Whenever a new version of OS X comes out, I back up my computer, wipe the hard drive and install a new system. I find this fresh install gives the sytem a performance boost, almost like getting a new machine again.
Now I’ve definitely wanted to get a new machine over the years, but I’ve never needed to. The same reasoning held true for my Palm Treo 600 – new models have come out since I bought it, but it’s always had and done exactly what I needed – QWERTY keyboard for texting, Palm OS to sync with contacts (since my Palm V days), speakerphone, and mobile internet & email (I actually grew tired of email & internet).
I will be there to get one of the first iPhones in June with the other iPhone fans, but when October rolls around and these iPhone users around me get angry because the 20 gig iPhone launches, remember, these people are making themselves obsolete, not Steve Jobs.
Take some responsibility for yourselves people and stop pointing the Finger of Obsolescence at others.
note – I checked and “obsoleteness” is the correct usage. 🙂
update – someone with solid lexicon pointed me in the direction of the word obsolescence instead of obsoleteness, even though both are correct obsolescence rolls off the tongue better I think.