I’ve just implemented sIFR on this site, which should be replacing the HTML text headers for each entry with custom Flash fonts (Futura Bold). If you view my source code, you’ll see that all the h3 tags are still in place – sIFR is working some Javascript trickery to dynamically replace them all on-the-fly.
The fact that the source code has not been altered means that this site will degrade nicely for people who either don’t have Flash (I don’t who these people are) or don’t have the Flash Player version 6 (I don’t know who these people are either). Seriously, it means that my site is more accessable, readable by search engines while still getting the benefits of slick text.
You can find out more about sIFR at the site of it’s co-creators, Mike Davidson (creator of my favorite news site, Newsvine).