Don’t Even Think About Buying Innovation

Palm hires ex-Apple designer, puts iPhone in its sights (via Daring Fireball)

Even though Palm’s Ed Colligan may not like it, Apple did go and “just walk in” to the mobile phone space when it announced the iPhone last month

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Apple has been working on the iPhone for over 2 years. It seems to me that Palm has “just walked into” the iPhone market. Palm has hired a brilliant ex-Apple employee to help them.
Palm – this won’t work, trust me.
This whole thing Palm is doing reminds me of the kid who gets his dad to do his 3-month science project for him the weekend before it’s due. Palm can buy innovative people, but they can’t buy innovation. As my friend Jory said, innovation has to be woven into the whole methodology of the company you’re working for.
This was also written about on the NY Times.