Reading 3/22/07

The New Viral (via Big Spaceship Blog)
David Pogue – Apple TV Has Landed – first I have get my new plasma screen, then I have to get my Wii … then I gotta get my Apple TV.
Mike Davidson on MySpace and VirbVirb definitely looks like a great alternative to MySpace, trouble is, I don’t use MySpace much as it is, and I’m not sure I’d have a need for Virb either.
Are Designers The Enemy Of Design? – I’ll answer that. No. And not all of us are arrogant. I have a big ego, but I also strive to create great work and have happy clients.
Is Palm up for sale? – Motorola buying Palm to give themselves an edge against Apple’s iPhone is like Sony buying Sega to give them an edge against the Nintendo Wii … which is to say it’s retarded. I love my Treo like I love the original Nintendo – the simple pixelated graphics make me nostalgic for a simplier time. As soon as something better than Nintendo came out, I upgraded. I plan on doing the same in June when I get my iPhone.

Crazy Eyes Dolphins Vs. Mad Cows
– by the ever weird and talented Ian Stewart. If you’re located in Atlanta and need a talented animator, drop him a line!