Anything is Better Than 12-button Texting

I know the tension in the air is so thick you could cut a knife with it regarding the iPhone launch next week (at least it is in Manhattan), but I have one more thing I have to ask:
Is typing on the iPhone’s on-screen QWERTY keyboard going to be THAT much more difficult than what it takes to squeeze out a message on a standard 12-digit cell phone?
iPhone QWERTY keyboard
I don’t know if its because I’ve had a Treo for 3 years, but I just HATE having to type out text messages on a keyboardless mobile phone like Motorola RAZR. The whole process of shuffling through three letters per number digit is torturous.
I bring this topic because of these headlines I’ve seen:
Will the iPhone be undone by its keyboard?
Apple iPhone: All Eyes on the Keyboard (Or Lack Thereof)
Keyboard iPhone not good enough
The iPhone will flop because of the keyboard
Ok I’m done. Enough of this speculation.