Links For Today 6.11.2007

Agencies Behaving Badly

Why are the vast majority of agencies looking merely for people who know how to use certain tools? Why aren’t they looking for people who know how to produce modern product and truly functional results?

Adobe Launches AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), the artist formally known as Apollo (via TechCrunch).
Adobe has also dropped Flex 3 Beta (via MacNN) – this makes sense since it kinda ties in with their whole AIR product, letting developers create cross-platform RIA’s in browsers and on the desktop.
Microsoft is (read: wants to) going head-to-head with Flex/AIR with Silverlight. That’s great Microsoft, we’re up to version 9 of Flash and you decide to get into the RIA game. Flash has over 95% penetration and you’d like to to switch to your Silverlight plug-in why?
Video: Aero (Vista) vs. Beryl (Linux) – Ignore the crappy techno music and check out this amazing GUI for Linux. The 3-D rendering of application windows in particular blew me away.
I don’t think I want to post any news items relating to the iPhone. The tension in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife.