Links For Today 6.14.2007

The New Disruptors (via Business 2.0)
The Minister of Information (via Kottke)

Microsoft’s PowerPoint software is an all-conquering monster of crumminess, a threat to life as we know it. Most of all, if you are making a presentation, you can probably say everything you need to on a single folded sheet of eleven-by-seventeen copy paper, and you ought to.

IA’s are History (via Design View) – true?

Information Architects are often put on the defensive by spears flung by peers and brethren in elated disciplines. In taking the accusations seriously and accepting the truths within them, Grant Campbell reveals our greatest strengths – shallowness, insularity, and being “relegated” to history.

Everything I Know About Design I Learned from The Sopranos

On professional behavior:
“You don’t think. You disrespect this place. That’s the reason why you were passed the fuck over.”