AT&T Cool Through the Associative Property

Ars Technica: Let a million iPhones bloom – great article.
Here’s a piece:

Well that very same AT&T in that same market just got probably half a million new two-year contracts in three days. Now I don’t know what AT&T’s usual acquisition numbers are like, but I have to think there are some big smiles in the boardroom right about now.
And that’s amusing because AT&T has almost nothing to be happy about. Those smiling executives are probably already starting to convince themselves that they’re responsible in some way for this success. That sentiment is about as well founded as the power company patting itself on the back as big-screen TVs fly off the shelves.

If anything, AT&T’s douchey-ness was amplified next to Apple. All the complaints I’ve heard thus far about the iPhone have all been about AT&T technical issues and bad customer service.