Practical or Novel?

I’m on the fence on this product. There’s a certain usefulness you get when you take real world office supplies and tools and you abstract them into a Graphical User Interface.
Great GUI’s take the best aspects of these objects and throws away the rest. Manila folders on your desk become simple icons with an arrow next to them, letting you ‘open’ the folder and see a nice clean list of files in that folder.
BumpTop seems to be moving back towards a real desktop, complete with messiness. I know what you’re going to say – people who have messy desks will inevitably have messy computer desktops. True – but BumpTop doesn’t seem to be helping the situation (They even refer to some things in the demo below as “piles”).
Does anyone else feel me on this?
Check the video below. Remember to ask yourself, Do I think this is just cool, or do I really seeing this as something useful?