Staff this.

I have a word to all you staffing and recruiting agencies out there. I’m going to say this once and that’s it, so listen:
When you sit down to interview me, do not ask me if I have any friends looking for work. Don’t talk to me about how much commission I get per person I find for you.
The focus of my interview is me. I am looking for work, not my friends. Make me feel special (even though I might not be). Stroke my ego for the 15 minutes I’m talking with you. I’m not just a number went I sit down with you, I am your golden ticket. I am your moneymaker.
I promise you, that if you do indeed find me work, I will refer people to you, otherwise, why would I send anyone your way?
Who am I talking about? TTS Personnel, Inc., Gainor, Update Graphics, Artisan Talent, Aquent, Janou Pakter, Randstad … all you clowns, learn some manners.