A Design is Worth…

NY Times: Google light through MS clouds
Number 1: This image is an example of outstanding art direction.
Number 2: This image echoes the opinion of a lot of people.
It’s funny, because the image doesn’t quite sync up with the point of the article. The point of the article is about how Microsoft is entering the realm of ‘cloud computing’. This refers to services like Google Docs – applications available over the internet, not locked down in your operating system. The article goes on to explain how MS is going to give Google a run for their money by offering similar online tools.
I didn’t read the image that way. I read it as Google shedding light on an otherwise cloudly, gloomy Microsoft-filled world. Whether he intended it or not, the art director of this image has put MS in a bad light (no pun intended).
Great design starts conversation, and I’m sure I’d hear a dozen different interpretations of this image …and that’s a good thing.
Simple, direct and elegant. Great job James C. Best Jr., whoever you are.