Light up the web?

Microsoft Officially Launches Silverlight

Microsoft has also announced that a number of content providers will be providing Silverlight enabled content online, including Entertainment Tonight, HSN and World Wrestling Entertainment.

What this TechCrunch article doesn’t mention is that Microsoft has paid these companies, or has paid for the deveopment of some of these video players. I know this because the company I work for, Schematic, is in the process of developing some RIAs using Silverlight.
The second thing I’d like to point out is that so far, as of today, I have yet to see any ‘rich internet applications’ built with the Silverlight technology. I have seen a bunch of mediocre video players.
Silverlight is going to try to go head to head with Adobe Flash. If you’d like to see what real rich applications look like on the web, go browse through the featured sites on theFWA.
See the official Silverlight website