Links For Today 9.28.2007

If you look hard, there’s actually a lot of amazing things happening in the world besides celebrities wiping their asses and speculation on non-existent gadgets.
MS to sell XP until June 2008 after Vista backlash – Imagine you release a product update that is so good that consumers opt for the older version. Well done Microsoft. Let me know how that ‘Silverlight‘ experiment goes too.
Blast from the Past: The Apple Store OnlineAndy Rutledge thinks the new online store sucks? Rutledge is spot on with most of his critiques, but in this one he’s wrong (unless he’s being facetious and I’m not catching it).
Amazon MP3 Store – iTunes rocks, but competition is healthy. Amazon has taken a great step in a great direction for digital music.
Palm Centro – A day late and a dollar short.

Fast Company – Masters of Design
– This issue is all about design, I mean Design. As in the big picture Design (thanks Jory).