Links For Today 10.5.2007

A Study We Can Relate To: Millions Shop Online During Conference Calls
Well duh.
BlackBerry sales unfazed by iPhone – This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Blackberries are the de facto mobile device for a lot of business people. In much the same way that Zune sales are effecting iPod competitors and not iPods, iPhone sales are effecting Blackberry competitors, not RIM’s Blackberry. I wish people would stop trying to create rivalries where none exist. The Blackberry and the iPhone are 2 totally different products with different target demographics. Saying “BlackBerry sales unfazed by iPhone” is like saying. “Toyota sales unfazed by Mercedes”.
Brian Romero – Cartoons Illustration Design Mayhem (via AisleOne)
illustration by Brian Romero
A Joyful Reunion, Full of Wide Smiles and High Kicks

During Van Halen’s years with Mr. Roth, it was a group of guys in their late 20s and early 30s who were, with a streak of trouper’s irony from Mr. Roth, amping up the teenage hormonal urges of songs like “Hot for Teacher.” Now they are guys in their 50s reviving the heyday of guys in their 20s who were thinking like teenagers.
Then and now, it’s done with virtuosity.

In the Dark with Kurt Cobain
from the article:

Azerrad caught his subject at a rather poignant moment. Frances Bean had just been born, grunge was a juggernaut, and Kurt was contemplative, candid, and lucid—able to reflect on the factors that would inevitably kill him. “Drugs are bad for you, and they will fuck you up. I just knew that I would eventually stop doing them. Being married and having a baby is a really good incentive,” Kurt says late in the film. “If I would’ve kept doing drugs, I would have lost everything.” This line is truly devastating. Likewise when Azerrad asks, “Is yours a sad story?” “No, not really,” Kurt responds. “It’s nothing that’s amazing or anything new, for sure.”