So on Monday Google announced Android, which is comprised of itself and 33 other companies with the goal of developing an ‘open’ mobile platform.
Do we get to see examples? Nope. Prototypes? Nope.
In short, like many people, I’m calling bullshit on this one. Somehow, people think closed systems are a bad thing. This is far from true. Far.
Actually, let me be more specific – it all depends on the context. Depending on who is developing the system (read: software, programming language, OS or plug-in) and how broad or narrow the scope is (anyone can develop in HTML and Javascript), making a closed system can be very smart.
I will save my thoughts on open/closed systems for another, longer post. In the meantime, here are some great articles on this whole Android shizzle:
Fake Steve: ‘It’s Not a Phone, It’s an Alliance’

Companies don’t form alliances and consortia when they’re winning. Also, whenever you see companies start talking about being “open,” it means they’re getting their ass kicked. You think Google will be forming an OpenSearch alliance any time soon, to help also-rans in search get a share of the spoils? Me neither.

Derek Powazek: Google Now in Vaporware Business? (via Daring Fireball)